Qualified Professional


Qualified Professional

Supervision By:

Operations Manager (OM), Human Resource Manager (HR)

Immediate Supervisor:

Operations Manager

Purpose of Position:

To provide a safe and therapeutic home-style environment enhanced by comprehensive mentoring, partnerships, and recreational opportunities while providing quality care, treatment, and education to the consumers we serve.
Educational/Experience Qualifications:

· is a (1) graduate of a college or university with a Masters degree in a related human service field and has one year of full-time, post-graduate accumulated MH/DD/SAS experience with the population served or; (2) a graduate of a college or university with a baccalaureate degree in a related human service field and has two year of full -time, post-baccalaureate accumulated MH/DD/SAS experience with the population served or; (3) a graduate of a college or university with a baccalaureate degree in a not related human service field and has four year of full -time, post-baccalaureate accumulated MH/DD/SAS experience with the population served.; and/or (4) a registered nurse who is licensed to practice in the State of NC by the NC Board of Nursing and has four years of full-time accumulated experience in psychiatric mental health nursing.

· Excellent organizational, verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills

· Dependable/Reliable and able to maintain a flexible work schedule

· Computer literate

· Professional insight and judgment associated with confidentiality and the needs of consumers

· Understanding of client rights, especially those negatively impacted by residential treatment, coupled with an ability to advocate for clients

· Understanding of liability and risk management

· Competency in core skills including technical knowledge, cultural awareness, analytical skills, decision making, interpersonal skills, communication skills, clinical skills, and deescalating techniques

Job Responsibilities:


· Ensure daily routines, schedules, rules, activities, and incentive/consequence programs for clients are followed

· Provide at least 10 hours of direct client care per week to include interventions, activities, and supervision of clients while the client is awake and present per level III facility

· Provide direct client care to include interventions, activities, and supervision of clients

· Provide direct care for any clients not in school due to non-registration, suspensions, illness, appointments etc.

· Provide crisis intervention

· Provide behavioral updates and progress reports on clients weekly and/or PRN to Licensed Professional (LP), Qualified Professional (QP), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive Director (ED), Clinical Care Manager (CCM), Operations Manager (OM), Qualified Professional (QP), members of the treatment team, and Legally Responsible Person (LRP) keeping them abreast of client’s progress or lack of progress

· Report to LRP, CCM and staff information from medical, dental, psychiatric, optical, etc. appointments

· Orientate new consumers to the facility: introduction to other consumers, review of daily expectations, review of RDC behavior/privileging systems, etc.

· Be knowledgeable and current on consumer incidents and issues

· Ensure all clients are registered for school

· Participate in all Child and Family Team Meetings (CFTM), as needed

· Implement CFTM recommendations

· Ensure daily reading logs, behavior points, journaling, goals, groups, and activities are completed

· Follow up with LRP therapeutic leave dates and ensure pick up and drop off are set up for the assigned dates and times

· Participate in Psychiatric appointments as needed with updated clinical information and client behaviors


· Documentation of service notes, contact notes, incident reports, search and seizure forms, MARs, etc. according to all rules and regulations; report discrepancies to CCM

· Ensuring all documentation has been completed by staff that is required

· Reviewing incident reports for accuracy and content prior to submitting to CCM

· Ensuring all level 2 incident reports have been completed within the 72 hour required time frame, including emailing narrative to ED, CCM, and QP.

· Ensure the PCP Goal Sheet matches the PCP goals

· Ensure daily schedule book is complete and accurate with activities scheduled, directions clear and materials available on site along with therapeutic groups scheduled with clear instructions and materials available on site every Monday for staff

· Ensure activities are planned 2-3 weeks in advance and posted in the houses for clients to be aware of upcoming activities

· Submit activity request forms 2-3 weeks prior to activity is scheduled for approval

· Document monthly supervision of Para-professional and Associate Professional staff


· Notify CCM of any medication errors or problems

· Notify CCM, as soon as possible, if a client’s MAR and/or Count Sheet is inaccurate

· Monitor the supply of prescription medications and ensure all prescription medications are on site and available for clients

· Monitor and ensure all PRN medications are available in the house

· Ensure proper procedure is followed for Neil’s medication deliveries

· Sign and ensure 2 signatures have signed new monthly MARs.

· Ensure new monthly MARs are placed in binders before the 1st of each month

· Ensure all staff has signed the back of the MARs before giving medications


· Monitor all applicable web sites to keep abreast of changes affecting RDC. Such sites include Division of Mental Health, Medicaid, Value Options, LMEs, Office of Inspector General, Healthcare Registry, Division of Health Service Regulations, COA, Health Department, etc.

· Provide on call support

· Maintain sites in compliance in all areas including, but not limited to, staffing ratios, health department guidelines, safety requirements, and state and federal regulations,

· Be knowledgeable and aware of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act and report any known occurrences of fraud, waste, and abuse to ED or posted OIG compliance reporting hotline

· Keep consumer quality of care a priority, checking health and safety and intervening before crisis occurs and alerting supervisor and CEO of any potential health or safety concerns.

· Maintain an accurate timesheet

· Attend weekly clinical meetings with CCM

· Remain current on emails, online documents, online calendar, etc.

· Orientate new staff of the clinical program, train new staff on service notes and documentation.

· Assist staff with evaluating clinical progress of clients

· Monitor employees for compliance with RDC’s program, policies, and procedures; Local Management Entities (LME) rules and regulations; DHHS rules, regulations, and statutes; and Federal rules, regulations, and statutes

· Complete monthly supervision of para professional staff

· Complete other assignments and tasks as directed by the CEO, ED, CD and OD

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