Para-Professional Residential Counselor


Para-Professional Residential Counselor

Supervision By:

Qualified Professional (QP)
Associate Professional (AP)

Purpose of Position:

To provide quality care, guidance and education to RDC Clients.
To provide a safe and therapeutic environment enhanced by comprehensive mentoring and personal growth opportunities.
Educational/Experience Qualifications:

· Educational/Experience Qualifications:

· Minimum of High School Diploma, GED or equivalent

· Dependable, Reliable, and Trustworthy

· Good Interpersonal Skills

· Willingness to accept suggestions for professional growth and development

· Understanding of Confidentiality and Client Rights


· Maintain visual contact with clients at all appropriate times

· Provide privacy and confidentiality of all client records and information

· Assure clients are free from abuse, mistreatment and/or neglect and report any incidents of such

· Treat each client with dignity and respect

· Complete daily assignments as listed in the “The DOG”.

· Develop and demonstrate a thorough understanding of RDC philosophy and purpose

· Learn, abide by, and enforce RDC rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

· Develop familiarity with the Treatment Plan of each client served.

· Ensure compliance with all required state and federal regulations

· Other duties as assigned
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